Zee talks BIPOC sabbaticals

An interview with Zee Clarke

Zee Clarke’s sabbatical was the first crucial step to starting a business empowering BIPOC employees to manage microaggressions, impostor syndrome and more.

She speaks about her company’s unexpected orgins, and how, a couple stops after her sabbatical, she eventually got to her calling. The lesson for sabbatical-takers? Don’t put pressure on yourself to have it all figured out by the end of your time off — lessons and opportunities surface over time.

In short:

After an exhausting career navigating toxic work culture in tech, Zee took a sabbatical to heal, explore, and learn new skills in the realm of healing and meditation.

She ended up realizing that the things which drove her out of the industry were common among fellow #BIPOC employees. So, she started offering programming specific to the issue:

  1. Mindfulness to heal from microaggressions
  2. Countering impostor syndrome
  3. Bringing your whole self to work
  4. Rejuvenation from black fatigue
  5. Mindfulness and self-care

Within a year of setting out from the corporate world to pave her own path, her business exploded and she got a book deal (Black People Breathe – coming out Spring 2023).

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