The Value of Sabbaticals [MBASchooled]

Al Dea‘s conversation with DJ DiDonna explores the value of sabbaticals and gives permission for those willing to take sabbaticals but feel unable. Listen on Spotify and Apple Podcasts

DJ DiDonna is an Entrepreneurship Professor at HBS as well as the Founder of the Sabbatical Project. After pursuing an entrepreneurial path after graduating from an HBS, DJ decided to take a sabbatical before figuring out his next move, and enjoyed it so much that he decided to start studying sabbaticals. Through his career, DJ has interviewed hundreds of others who have taken sabbaticals and contributed significant research to this topic.

During the conversation, DJ spoke about his journey to business school and time at HBS, as well as how his entrepreneurial pursuits after business school enabled him on this path to going on and studying sabbaticals. He also shared his own reflections on his career, career success, and his advice to help others define career success on their terms.

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