Time Off Well Spent

Coming in 2023: The definitive book on Sabbaticals.

By DJ DiDonna, Founder of The Sabbatical Project.

Time Off Well Spent (TOWS) is the product of hundreds of stories from sabbatical takers, the companies they work for, and the cultures they come from. 

TOWS explores the research, history, and enduring role of extended leave in healthy, productive, and fulfilling lives. It presents a roadmap for the breaks in our lives: the Eight Great Adventures. And it outlines an increasingly probable future of work, where we use time off strategically and intentionally to benefit ourselves and others, instead of only in times of crisis, tragedy and last resort.

As the world reimagines its relationship to work, even the most staid companies—from Goldman Sachs to Citigroup—are introducing sabbatical policies. At such an uncertain and important time, no resource currently exists to lead individuals on this journey. Time Off Well Spent is the field guide for this revolution in reimagining the role of work in our lives, and what we gain when we take off from it. 

Intentional breaks in life help people find meaning, accomplishment, and fulfillment by offering permission to reflect, renew, and re-invest in relationships. Along his journey to discover best practices, pitfalls, and the roots of extended leave across cultures, companies and history, DiDonna discovers that time off is time well spent.

Time Off Well Spent

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