Lia’s story: A nonprofit leader and parent takes time off

An interview with Lia Izenberg

“2021 was a year of massive shifts and changes for so many – myself included. I left my leadership role, started my own business, had the great privilege to take a 6-month traveling sabbatical with my husband and 2-year old son, and had some primary relationships changed dramatically.

The big changes and the time away meant I finally got to internally traverse some emotional territory that I’d been avoiding as well as integrate some of what I’d already been stewing on in fits and starts. Amidst all wild rollercoaster of the past few years, my little family’s 2021 journey was quite literally that – we covered over 15,000 miles of earth. But it was an emotional one as well, and I am emerging anew, ready for 2022 with new insights and opportunities… Read more

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