Contribute to the Sabbatical Project​

Tell Your Story

Who told you that you could take a sabbatical? Our research found that having a sabbatical “exemplar” is crucial to turn the dream of taking off into a reality. Give others permission by sharing your experience.

Be a Mentor

Calling all sabbatical alums! Taking a sabbatical can be intimidating. Help by answering questions, matching up one on one, or moderating our communities.

Join Our Research

If you represent a company looking to study the impact of a sabbatical policy, or if you want to participate in our research as an individual, (pre, during, or post-sabbatical,) we’d love to collaborate.

Companies and Policymakers

Has your company experimented with extended leave policies? Reach out to us to be included in our corporate case studies. Or, tell us about your sabbatical policy intentions to be considered for joining our corporate sabbatical study.

Help Fund our Work

The Sabbatical Project seeks to enable extended leave for people of all socioeconomic backgrounds. Modeled after the pioneering nonprofit sabbatical fellowship at the Durfee Foundation, we’ve created a fund to give stipends to those for whom a sabbatical is not feasible.