You Must Leave [Newsletter]

Long time — and lots to share!

Hello from Dublin, where I’m giving the provocatively-titled talk YOU MUST LEAVE at Notre Dame’s Newman Centre, 1pm ET. See the flyer picture below – despite the obvious resemblance, it’s not a photo of me 🙂

you must leave, dj didonna at notre dame

Join in online if you’d like—I thought it’s at least a good excuse to get back in touch.

A few things on the sabbatical front since I last emailed:

On the personal front:

  • After over two years of licking my wounds, (and building what the editors termed my “platform,” aka you reading this now 😉 ) we’re going back to the market with my book proposal. Wish me luck, and if you have any recommendations for editors, publishers, etc., do let me know.
  • I got engaged! In Japan — I even made her she even joined me on a mini-pilgrimage, the Kumano Kodo, harkening back to my sabbatical trip. You can’t say she doesn’t know what she’s signing up for 😉
  • I’m teaching at Harvard now! Entrepreneurship, for now, with my eyes on launching a sabbatical program for alumni. A guy can dream, right?

It sounds like marketing copy, but I finally feel like we’re at the cusp of sabbaticals going mainstream.

The newsletter has tripled in size, (in spite of my lack of actual emailing!) we have over 800 people in the Facebook group helping each other along, and reporters are finally reaching out to me, instead of the other way around. 😉 We just launched a LinkedIn Group as well – wanna join as one of our first members to figure out how to best use it?

Thank you for your support, and please do tell me why you’re here and how/if I can help: Sabbatical survey

Off you go now,


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You Must Leave [Newsletter]

Long time — and lots to share! Hello from Dublin, where I’m giving the provocatively-titled talk YOU MUST LEAVE at Notre …

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