Create Your Sabbatical Field Guide

Take the quiz to get a personalized guide for your inner journey.

Despite how it looks from the outside, taking a sabbatical is mostly an inward journey. 

The Field Guide is a guidebook and assessment tool to help you kickstart this exploration of both yourself and the world around you. 

Part travel guide, part customized operating manual, you’ll co-create a tool to help:

  • Uncover your Sabbatical Archetype. Use greater self-knowledge to inform and optimize your plans.
  • Figure out when it’s time to leave. Reveal your level of burnout with the Sabbatical Readiness Score.
  • Learn best practices – and avoid common pitfalls  – from our database of sabbatical alums.

A product of research, interviews and conversations with hundreds of sabbatical takers, our Field Guide will help you better understand yourself, and your intentions in taking time off.