Sabbatical Basics Fireside Chat with Lenny Rachitsky

A fireside chat with DJ DiDonna & Lenny Rachitsky

An interview about the basics of sabbaticals (why, how, when) and the research and findings of the Sabbatical Project with founder DJ DiDonna and product management substack-guru Lenny Rachitsky.

Some of the questions we address include:

  • How’d you find yourself spending your time and energy researching sabbaticals?
  • What was your own first sabbatical like? Or your favorite of the bunch?
  • Not everyone is so fortunate to have the life circumstances to take a sabbatical. What’s your advice to them?
  • What do people need in place in order to take a sabbatical, especially an unpaid one, and feel comfortable doing it?
  • How do you convince your manager, or founders, to create a sabbatical program? Can you share any stories?
  • What are reasons to not give your employees sabbaticals?
  • What are some tips for someone planning their extended time off? How do they set their time up for success?
  • What are some of the most interesting things people you’ve talked to done on a sabbatical?
  • You share that there are three parts to a sabbatical, can you expand on these?
  • What’s at stake here? What happens if you don’t take a sabbatical and what does the world look like if everyone takes a sabbatical?
  • Why should companies care about sabbaticals?

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