How to take a sabbatical [Wanderlearn Podcast]

After graduating from Harvard Business School and working a bit, DJ Didonna embarked on an improbable quest: helping people take months or even years off work.

There’s nothing wrong with working nonstop for 40 years. However, paradoxically, taking a sabbatical may be the best thing for your career.

DJ wants to help you do what most Harvard Business School graduates don’t know how to do: get off the treadmill.

We chat face-to-face for 80 minutes, discussing:

  • His first sabbatical was in 2017. He walked all around Japan – going from temple to temple, hardly speaking to anyone for 6 weeks. How was that like?
  • What percentage of companies have sabbatical programs?
  • How does a company gain from letting their employees go on sabbaticals?
  • What surprised him in his research?
  • How can you take a sabbatical when you don’t have a guaranteed job?
  • What is the future of sabbaticals?

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