Time [off] well spent [The Entrepreneur Ethos]

An interview by author and entrepreneur Jarie Bolander:

DJ’s journey to taking a sabbatical goes directly through his experience as an entrepreneur and the struggles he had with burn out. We explore the benefits of a sabbatical and some surprising data on who takes them. He is also working on a book from the findings of the research collected from the Sabbatical Project, an organization that’s looking to champion the idea that sabbaticals add a lot of value to both people and organizations. His research has revealed, among other things, that sabbaticals are not only for the privileged but can benefit all sorts of people.

We also talk about how a life disruption gives us the same type of perspective as a sabbatical and in some cases, that’s too late to do anything about. That’s why he wants to change the culture surrounding sabbaticals and get more people to take them.

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