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Jackson Embraces Discomfort to Find Comfort

Jackson spends his 2 sabbaticals embracing discomfort. The 46 weeks allow him to live as a Zen Monk, identify priorities & minimize regrets.

In my experience most people are so busy working in their lives that they don’t stop to work on in their lives. Time away creates spaciousness for being.

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Kira Goes from Corporate to Living the Dream

Kira’s 26-week sabbatical helps her reset her priorities and transition from corporate to the dream life she hoped to live.

Whether considering a career change, recovering from a personal loss, or seeking clarity after achieving professional milestones, a sabbatical offers the space to reflect, regroup, and realign with your goals and aspirations.

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Bency Heals and Grows Through His Creative Sabbatical

To deal with burnout and the closure of his startup, Bency takes a creative sabbatical which becomes a journey of self-discovery and healing.

These extended moments of quiet (which included a social media detox), combined with intense journaling, and coaching – produced life-changing insights that helped me to forge my new authentic path/life ahead.

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Stephanie’s Sabbatical: A Journey to Rebalance

When Stephanie’s long-awaited sabbatical comes, it brings her the opportunity to rebalance her work and life.

Being in front line service with nonprofits during the sabbatical, I didn’t realize how maxed out I was. Taking a sabbatical reminded me that I have options. I have choices about how to structure the business and also how much I work in the business.

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Klaus’ Sabbatical Rekindles His Gratitude for Life

After realizing that something in his life was missing, Klaus unknowingly begins a sabbatical that renews his gratitude for life & family, and transforms his views on work.

Ending my job in the public sector triggered the realization that I needed a change or I wanted to change or perhaps a bit of both. It may sound surprising but I did not know at the time, that I am on a self-started sabbatical.

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Daisy’s Opportunity to Listen to the Inner Voice

Amidst the chaos of a fast-paced life and health struggles, a sabbatical offers Daisy the opportunity to listen, heal, and find renewed confidence and clarity.

I think a sabbatical is an amazing opportunity to hear yourself. In society we always do what we are “supposed” to do. But during your sabbatical everything shifts towards you. What matters? What do you want?

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Rebecca Finds the Space to Dream Up Her Next Chapter

Rebecca and her husband take their third sabbatical, dreaming up the next chapter of their life and creating a clear plan to achieve it.

The beauty about a sabbatical is that it is a sacred time that allows you to heal, reflect and dream. We set intentions, had clear objectives and organised our time…

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Joel regains his true identity

Joel’s 24-week sabbatical gives him the opportunity to give back to his community and introspect to rediscover his true self.

Upon reflection during my sabbatical, I gained a deeper understanding of my work experiences. I recognized that my frustration was not solely based on unmet expectations at work, but also on my desire to contribute more my community

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Andy moves from burnout to balanced entrepreneur

Andy’s sabbatical takes them from a software engineer experiencing burnout to an invigorated and balanced entrepreneur.

My break changed my life. It taught me how little I could survive on and caused me to re-evaluate my Silicon Valley lifestyle. It opened my eyes to new ways of being and working filled with balance, time off, and unstructured time to explore my various passions.

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Oliver Goes Around the World in 52 Weeks

Oliver’s 1-year sabbatical changes his perspective on life, gives him a renewed sense of purpose and reminds him to have fun.

My sabbatical gave me a fresh perspective on life, opened my eyes to the world and the diversity of cultures within it and renewed my sense of purpose — it also reminded me how important it is to have fun!

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