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Samantha’s Six-Month Sabbatical

On the long list of “cool” things I did during my six-month sabbatical, working on what’s inside proved to be the most valuable.

The gift that keeps on giving

My six-month sabbatical shifted my entire outlook on life and will be the gift that keeps on giving — it shifted my entire perspective about how to live life on your own terms.

I quit my corporate job as a marketing director in February 2023 at the age of 30 after experiencing a mix of mental burnout, lack of joy/fulfillment, lack of purpose & meaning and a desire to rest and explore other passions.

My sabbatical was self-funded and lasted six months. Most of my time was spent at home working on myself, which included everything from education (reading/learning), investing in my health (exercise, sports, nutrition), deepening my spiritual practice and connecting with community.

My sabbatical shifted my entire perspective on life, our careers and wellbeing. It taught me lessons that I will keep for life.

I now am passionate about sharing those lessons on my podcast called “Life On Your Terms”, with the LinkedIn community, and anyone who will listen 🙂

List some activities you engaged in during your sabbatical:
– Reading
– Reflecting/Journaling
– Yoga
– Exercise
– Long Walks
– Cooking Healthy Meals
– International Travel (Ecuador, Galapagos)
– Built a home gym
– Lifted weights
– Went to day spas for massage/self care
– Interviewed small business owners
– Visited with family
– Listened to podcasts
– Kayaked
– Golf Lessons
– Paddle-boarding
– Joined community/neighborhood groups
– Played basketball
– Explored towns in California
– Ashram yoga retreat
– Started a podcast
– Attended city council meetings

What catalyzed your sabbatical?
Negative event – death of a loved one, health/burnout, job loss, etc.

How long was your sabbatical (in weeks)?

What were you most concerned about when contemplating a sabbatical?
Money – it’ll cost too much!

Did HOW you work change at all, post-sabbatical?
Went from company employed to self-employed

Describe any changes you made in your life post-sabbatical:
Returned to corporate as a part-time contractor/consultant, I now prioritize my wellbeing above all else, structure my days according to my personal needs and interests (not just work), pursuing other passions (e.g. fitness, podcast, yoga teacher training)

How did your sabbatical experience change the way you thought about your employer?
It was never about the employer – it’s about how we show up

You can connect with Samantha Loeffler here.

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