Time Off Well Spent: The Case for Sabbaticals


Meet DJ. He’s come to visit with us about the value of rest and rejuvenation. In 2019, he founded The Sabbatical Project to define, explore, and research sabbaticals following a 900-mile pilgrimage in Shi-Ko-Ku, Japan. He knows nonprofits doubt their ability to implement a sabbatical-focused work experience, but keep an open mind! He’s bringing the playbook (and data!) to show how it’s good for business. We’re working toward a world where extended leave is the norm, not the exception. Tune in and hear the science and benefits behind rest.


  • Recover, Explore, Practice: The transformative potential of sabbaticals
  • The business case for sabbaticals
  • 3️⃣ Archetypes for sabbaticals
  • Advice for professionals navigating the intersection of sabbaticals and donor, staff, beneficiary and board expectations
  • Examples of companies/orgs integrating sabbaticals into their business!

“People who care about their work are the reason that we have the definition of burnout.”

— DJ DiDonna, Founder, The Sabbatical Project

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