Certified Coach

Tash Wilder

I am passionate about fostering a warm and trusting coaching experience where clients are equipped to harness their innate strengths to achieve desired (as well as delightfully unexpected!) outcomes.

Many streams of my life converged on this sweet spot of coaching people during their sabbatical journeys, including a transformative year long sabbatical during which I focused on screenwriting and questions of personal identity. I have spent 15 years supporting executives, emerging leaders, and individuals across all walks of life navigate change, achieve greater alignment, and find more ease and joy in their lives. 

Prior to launching Wilder Integral Coaching, I served as the Director of Coaching at Paradigm, a diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) strategy firm, where I also facilitated workshops on unconscious bias, allyship, anti-racism, and transgender inclusion in the workplace.

My coaching is informed by a PhD in Positive Organizational Psychology and International Coaching Federation (ICF) and Integral Coaching certifications, as well as 30 years of mindfulness practice. I believe that coaching is as much an art as it is a science, and I draw on both research and intuition to meet each client where they are at.

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