Certified Coach, Custom Travel Advisor

Mimi Lichtenstein

Mimi is an award-winning custom travel advisor with a focus on longer duration, adventurous, life-changing trips for high-performing individuals and their families who understand that time is their most precious resource.

Heavily informed by her own three sabbaticals including a year-long family sabbatical in Madrid, Mimi’s approach is infused with her never-ending passion for travel and cultural exploration.  A certified life coach and former finance professional, she brings a uniquely personal and practical approach to sabbatical exploration, planning and execution, covering both big goals as well as the critical details upon which the success of time abroad can turn (e.g., visas, relocation/housing, schooling, formation of social networks, new skills acquisition).  

As an essential part of the planning process, Mimi explores the impetus for the sabbatical with her clients – a new challenge, cultural immersion, writing a book, or simply recharging their batteries – and helps to shape the trip around the achievement of those goals.  Mimi brings her coaching skills to bear to help clients to find solutions to the obstacles which may stand in the way of a successful sabbatical, and also to provide support when inevitable bumps occur along the way. Ultimately, Mimi seeks to inspire and help others plan their own life changing experiences abroad.

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